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Rink Tool 01

cartridge Refilling Tool

This tool fills 4 different cartridges.

1.  HP 21
  HP 27
  HP 56 
  HP 96

Beat the clogged print head problem by filling through the print head.

 The RINK Tool 01 is a hand tool that fills the cartridges through the print head.  


                                Price: $260 + GST* + Postage and packaging

* Only for customers within New Zealand 
Enquire about our discount price for paid up ACRA members and for orders of 3 or more units

It is our experience after 11 years of filling inkjet cartridges that there is one major obstacle and that is the cleanliness of the print heads. This falls into 5 categories:

  1. Wet print head

  2. Moist print head

  3. Dry print head

  4. Very dry print head

  5. Blocked print head

Wet print head cartridges can be filled by almost any method with a good test result.
Moist print heads appear to fill fairly well by most methods but it is difficult to get a really good test result.
Dry print heads can be filled but the test print is always very bad with lines and intermittent print.
The very dry print heads will take ink but usually won’t print at all.
Blocked print heads will take ink but won’t print.

When filling the first 3 categories on our new tool, being careful to follow the instructions, it has been our experience that excellent test prints result.

Very dry and blocked print heads can be detected during filling on our tool. The very dry ones can often be cleaned during the filling process by pushing ink to and fro through the print head. The blocked print heads are distinguished because of the amount of pressure required. There is a method for recovering blocked print heads which is being addressed with another tool under development.

Manufactured in New Zealand by Rink Tools
195 New Windsor Road, Avondale, Auckland, New Zealand

Phone: +64 9 627 4936
Fax: +64 9 627 4935
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