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How much does refilling cost?

Prices vary. Please contact us for a quote. Generally it costs less than 50% of the price of a new cartridge.

How much are new cartridges?

New cartridges vary greatly in price, depending on make and model, and whether there are current specials that apply to the cartridge you require. Please contact us for a quote.

How many pages will my refilled cartridge print?

Your remanufactured cartridge should at least equal the number of prints you got from it when it was new. 

Can both black and colour cartridges be refilled?

Yes. However, some colour cartridges can only be refilled once, and a small number not at all.

Is the print quality the same as new cartridges?

Yes. The print  quality from your refilled cartridge should be every bit as good, especially when refilled for the first time.

How long does it take to refill my cartridge? Can it be done while I wait?

Some cartridges can be filled while you wait, but because we prefer to test each cartridge before we sell it to you, two to three days should be allowed.

What if I don't have an empty cartridge to refill? Can I buy a refilled cartridge from Re-Inking Services?

We have some stock of refilled cartridges that are available for purchase, though an extra charge will apply ($3 to $15 depending upon model) when an empty cartridge is not exchanged. 

Can I sell Re-Inking Services my surplus empty cartridges?

We are always looking for empty cartridges to replenish our stocks. In most cases we purchase off people who offer them to us, though please enquire first.

Does refilling void my printer warrantee?

Only when it can be proven that the use of the refilled cartridge has caused the failure of the printer. Re-Inking Services is supportive of this clause being in the manufacturer warrantees, as it helps to ensure that refilling shops that offer a poor quality service are discouraged. Re-Inking Services uses similar techniques, processes and ink to refill the cartridges as were used by the manufacturer themselves. In addition, all refilled cartridges are tested on our printers before sale. Under these circumstances, warrantees should not be void.

What if I have trouble with my refilled cartridge?

Your first step should be to contact us, as often there are simple steps that can be taken to fix the problem. If the problem persists, we will replace the cartridge that is at fault, or refund your money. It is very rare that a claim from the printer manufacturer is necessary.

How many times can I refill my cartridge?

As a rule of thumb, a cartridge can be refilled three times. A small number of cartridges can't be refilled even once, and some can be refilled up to seven times. The number of refills can often be influenced by the speed at which the cartridge ink is used.

Can I send my empty cartridges in by mail?

Yes. Don't forget to include a legible return address, your name, and a phone number. We will phone you to inform you of the cost of the refill, and make repayment arrangements.

Is there a time limit on when I have to pick my refilled cartridges up?

We hold refilled cartridges for three months. After that, they go into our stock.

What payment options do I have?

Cash, cheque (no cheque fee!), EFTPOS, credit card

Can I purchase refill kits?

We do not sell refill kits. Refill kits are simplistic and unreliable.

Can I open an account?

Generally, we do not open accounts for customers unless they are schools or governmental organisations.

If you have any other questions about refilling or re-inking, please contact us.

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