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The development of new technology has been one of Re-Inking Services' strengths

Ink Jet Printers

Ink-jet printers have come a long way over the last decade, and new models are being released regularly. Two of the areas that printers have advanced in most is speed and print resolution, with 12 pages a minute no being uncommon, and resolutions of 1440 x 720 dpi now being considered part of the consumer market.

There are two different types of ink jet print head: Piezo Crystal, and Thermal.

Piezo crystal print-heads are used predominantly by Epson. Initially, these print heads had a better print resolution, though this is less so these days. Thermal print heads are used by Hewlett Packard, Canon, Lexmark, and many other brands.

Re-Inking Services can refill both types of print cartridges. Savings on ink-jet cartridges are usually 50%-70% depending on the brand.

Laser and Photocopier Cartridges

Most of our laser cartridges are remanufactured off-site. However, we keep a stock of laser cartridges which allows us to operate on an exchange basis. A very large range of generic product is also available for photocopiers, most of which we order as required.

Savings on laser and photocopier cartridges are between 15% and 40%. The benefits of remanufacturing these cartridges extends however, to a significant benefit for the environment.

Dot Matrix Printers

Re-Inking Services operates its own dot matrix ribbon reloading machine. In addition, we keep a stock of ribbon which allows us to cater for most needs.

Savings on reloaded dot matrix ribbons can be has high as 60%. Because some dot matrix ribbons are no longer available new, reloading them is sometimes the only way to keep these printers serviceable.

Because we reload ribbons on a batch basis, the turn-around can be up to 5 working days. Please contact us if your needs are more urgent than this.


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